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Web Design and Development - The way it works

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Design and Development

Design and Development of your website are two completely different skillsets

The Design process has a few steps before the creative side even starts. We need to understand what your business is all about and what goals you have set.

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The process to your new online Identity

affordable web development The Discovery Phase
This is the time when we will sit down with you and learn more about the details around your products and services. We will discuss where you want to bring the business and determine some goals that we can directly assist you with. As we go over these details and learn how you operate, we can offer suggestions that can benefit your company, not only with online promotions but by extending your online tools for daily operations.

Once we have had our initial meeting, we will investigate related services and your direct competition and work through your differences to create a website to show your strengths and express your uniqueness.

affordable web development The Design Phase
This is where we will create a mock up design to present to you. This design will outline the layout, colours and typology used. Although we will consider your style and preferences, we will design the site to best cater to your target audience. There is a science behind design and we will incorporate this along with your preferences and gain your approval before the development will begin.

If you are taking advantage of our service to brand your company, we will create an effective logo and colour scheme at this stage. We will be in frequent contact throughout this process and will work with you to fine tune the design to your full satisfaction. If we are writing the content of the site, this stage will follow the same guidelines as your logo. All created content will be forwarded to you for approval and only the final edits will make it to the live site.

Cycle of web development

The Development process begins after you have approved our designs and in most cases will be done on our development server so you can see the progress.

affordable web development The Development Phase
We will follow the original design and set up your database (if applicable) and code the layout of the site. We typically create the skeleton of the website first, add functions and specialty code and then populate it with the media and content. It is really similar to how you have seen a skyscraper being built. We have the building architecture designs and then make the foundation and the frame but leave access to add specialty functions just like they would for elevators, water, air and heating systems and then we add all the colours and labels like the tradesmen painting, putting in the flooring and numbering the offices. We then populate it just like the office furniture , clocks and motivational posters!
Some of the technologies and frameworks we have used during the development include:
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery
  • AngularJS , AJAX, PHP, MySQL
  • Wordpress, Drupal, PrestaShop
  • Responsive Design Media Queries

The Testing process really begins whenever a section is completed but we go over everything again after the site construction has been finished.

Ottawa web development The Cycle of web development Testing Phase
This is just as it sounds as we want to ensure the website will behave as it should when we set it live. We test everything from:
  • All functions required to power the site
  • cross browser support
  • responsive design
  • web standards and accessibility
  • page load speed/ Optimizing all images

Once we have everything running smoothly, we ask you to take a look and approve the big launch.

The big launch day is an exciting time for all of us as we get to see our work open to the public

Ottawa web development The Cycle of web development Live site
Yes the site is moved to your server and then comes to life! We all cheer at the monitor and enjoy another job well done.
But don't worry - We are still with you for 30 days if any glitches should occur. Our warranty will give you peace of mind that everything is as it should be!