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Social Media Marketing

How to remain current and integrate into the lives of your target audience

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Social Media has gripped the world and more people are connecting daily. Due to this popularity and ability to reach a specific targeted audience, it has become a very powerful advertising tool. We are able to create pages to showcase products and services and share it with our connections and the public. They, in turn, can share to their friends increasing the page views that can reach as many viewers as a TV commercial.

Why would they share your information? That is where effective advertisement comes into play. You need to know who your audience is, what will really impact them and when the best time is to post your message to maximize exposure.

What do you write about?   This is the main source of frustration to businesses trying to use social media. It is not enough to post about a sale or an occassional event to leave a lasting impression. Although this can definitely help bring awareness to your company, it will not have a lasting imprint of your brand on the public. Daily posts and interactions are a key component to succeeding with social media.

"I have no time to do this!" These words are true to so many small business owners out there who are already putting in long hours just to run the company. Although we would need a little of your time at first to organize a campaign that will accurately reflect your core message and values, we can remove this stress and help run and effective social media campaign for you.

How does paid advertising work? This avenue is available with many of the social media sites. The most popular Facebook Ads pushes your advertising reach farther while still being able to target your audience specifically. You set a daily budget and timeframe for a campaign so you know exactly what it will cost. You have access to analytics to see who the ad is reaching and behaviours around it. You can pause an ad that may not be working as well as another and boost the budget to an effective one. We can assist you in setting up, monitoring and optimizing your paid advertisements to maximize results for your investment.

"Where do I start?" To determine the best approach on running an effective social media campaign, we would love to hear from you and learn more about your business. Once we determine the best avenue to cater to your audience, we can then establish a monthly plan that will enable us to set goals and create an effective marketing strategy.

Steps for an Effective Social Media Campaign:

  1. Choosing your Social Networks to best reach your audience
    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube
    • Using Tags & Hashtags
  2. Create an engaging social profile for each platform
    • Visuals, videos and Text to capture interest of your business
  3. Find Your Marketing Voice & Tone
    • How do you want your customers to percieve your company?
    • Bring an appropriate personality to the relationship you have with your client base
    • Are you interacting as an authority like a coach, teacher, parent or as a friend?
  4. Pick Your Posting Strategy
    • What should you post? What will connect with potential clients?
    • How often should you post? What’s the ideal number of post to create each day?
    • What is the best time of day to reach your target audience?
  5. Analyze, Test & Iterate
    • Set a benchmark and analyse your engagements within a period of time
    • Try something new or alter the time your posts are sent and test the reception
    • Use tools like Facebook's Insights to see exactly what is working and alter your interactions to maximize your exposure
  6. Automate, Engage and Listen
    • There are tools to assist you to schedule posts to be automatically sent
    • Your plan doesn’t end with automation though, social media requires engagement
    • Engage your audience and interact to keep your company fresh and current to them
    • Listen and respond to your followers and continue to foster your relationship with them