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Being found on Google is not Automatic

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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What does that mean?

We include very basic optimization for all our clients so it is apparent that your site reflects your product and services to the search engines. This, obviously, does not guarentee you will end up on the first page of results on Google or others. There are various factors the Search Engines consider when deciding your fate with their results: Keywords, External links to your site, Social site interactions (shares, likes, comments) and whether you are mobile friendly are a few to mention.
There are companies out there that dedicate their time solely to better your ranking status. There are honest, good companies that do implement the things needed and there are others who promise the world but do nothing for you or worse, use techniques that can get you blacklisted. It was (and still is with some of these bad companies) common practice to create hundreds of links to your site from dummy websites to trick the engines into thinking you are very popular and deserve to be listed at the top. Google has changed the game plan for these types of black hat techniques and websites that employ this tactic are now being punished and losing rank and status.

Capital City Web Solutions does not specialize in SEO but we know how to utilize techniques that can help set the foundations needed to improve your ranking with Google and Bing. We offer a service to audit your site and find what can be done internally as well as externally to let the search engines know you have value and deserve to be recognized. By setting up external links to your website and optimizing the pages within, it does help paint a clear picture of who you are and what search results should direct user to your website.

Finding keywords that people use to find your products and services when they search the internet has turned into an art form. There are always the obvious words that fits a broad overview of your company but unfortunately, it most likely also fits with thousands more. This will probably leave your site found on one of the bottom search result pages which ultimately means you are not found at all. People rarely go through more than a few search result pages (if even that many).
By researching the keywords used to find similar or related subject matter you offer, we can help determine the best words to highlight and implement as a specific focus that will put you ahead of your competition. Once these keywords are determined, we would update your site to focus on them and monitor the results. It is this technique that maximizes the value of using pay per click adverising such as AdWords from Google. This is another service that we can set up and run for you to give your site a boost in the search results.
Building external links from legitimate sources or directories can assist your page rank as well. This included creating social media pages like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn. Ultimately, the social media will benefit you the most if there are constant updates and interactions and we can assist you with this as well with our Social Media Package.
The SEO process does take time and some trial and error before finding the best solution. This is a leading cause of why the prices for SEO services are so high and the reason that results cannot be immediately seen.

So as far as search engine optimization, what can we do for you?

  1. Research keywords and narrow results to maximize exposure
  2. Alter the website to enhance these keywords to be recognized by the search engines
  3. Build external links to your website and promote your company where we can
  4. Create social media pages and add links to and from your website
  5. Create Socail Media posts, updates and interactoins through our Social Media Package

We offer this SEO service as an alternative to the very expensive options that are out there today.
We will make the foundations required and continue to monitor and adapt the site to find the balance to maximize your exposure. We will always provide you with an update to everything we have done during the month so you understand where your advertizing budget is being applied. This service benfits companies and individuals who do not have the necessary larger budget to put into SEO services but need that extra support setting up the structures for it.

Google Analytic set up

*Ask us about setting up Google Analytics for you

With Google monitoring your traffic, you can always learn:

  • How many unique visitors have visited your site within a specific timeframe
  • What are they looking at and what pages are they leaving the site from?
  • How long are they actually on the pages
  • Track whether pages are effectively routing visitors to contact you
  • Know whether visitors are viewing your site from a web browser or mobile device
  • See what browsers and operating systems the visitors are using
  • See how they got to your site: Directly typing the URL, Google search or referred for another source
  • What keywords are used to find you from the Google search
  • Many more options and custom views and goals that can be set