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No one project is the same as the other

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Please provide as much detail as you can concerning your questions and project requirements. Could you also let us know when the best time to reach you would be and we will contact you then.

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affordable web development

Prices vary as we customize packages to exactly what your needs are. A fixed price typically means you are getting a standard templated site including only the basics that may be hard to build on in the future.

The scope of the project and your individual requirements will determine the final cost. Some points to consider to assist you in making the best choice when deciding on a service provider for your investment are:

  • What is actually involved? Custom designs or just using Content Management Theme?
    • Ensure you are not charged for development time not required for a Content Management System
  • Will the site cater to the mobile market?
    • Responsive Design is the cost effective way to ensure you are reaching those customers
  • Will the website look appropriate on all browsers and operating systems?
    • This is not as relevant these days as browsers have come a long way in following standards but always ensure that the developer is catering to all major browsers with a consistant look and feel
  • Although standards constantly evolving, will your project be compliant with W3 standards?
    • Some newer technologies used may not pass the current standards but you want to ensure that outdated and depreciated code is not used within your website
  • Does the developer consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
    • Full SEO is far too big a service to be included in the scope of designing and developing a site but determining your keywords and optimizing the pages to promote those words for the search engine searches should be started in the design phase and implemented as it is developed.
  • Will there be a contract to outline exactly what is involved and a schedule to completion?
    • You need to understand the process and also know your responsibilities towards the project. This could include providing approvals of designs, content, images or videos to be used. Confusion of timelines will delay the project
  • Is there a warranty for the work?

We welcome questions and quote requests for any sized projects and will be transparent to the breakdown of the costs associated.

We look forward to hearing from you.
- The Capital City Team