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Worry free updates and webiste maintenance

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Please provide as much detail as you can concerning your questions and project requirements. Could you also let us know when the best time to reach you would be and we will contact you then.

Thank you for contacting us!

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Plan details:

stress free maintenance packages
  • Monthly plans are for maintenance and updates only. Upgrades and new functions will be arranged as new site project
  • All plans are invoiced monthly and open to expanding time if required
  • Any additional time not recorded will be billed on proceeding month's invoice
  • All plans, outside of the on call, may be cancelled at anytime but do require 30 days notice
  • We will keep you informed when all updates have been completed for your review

We offer our service to continue updating and maintaining your site to give you the peace of mind that it will be done quickly and properly with every new product, news letter or new page.

We track our maintenance by the minute to ensure you get the most value and our cost effective hour pricing packages can save you money!

We look forward to being part of your team!

Cost effective packages

On Call Updates

If you plan on needing regular but small updates, you may consider our on call plan.

This is best suited for 1 to 3 hours maintenance time a month at a rate of $40/hour and ask for 3-5 business days notice to ensure the updates are online when you need them to be.

Regular Monthly Updates

If your business has frequent updates such as monthly newsletters or evolving information, we recommend our regular monthly plan .

This is a minimal 4 hours a month set at the rate $35/hour but you are not limited to this should you need more time. We will include any additional time over the 4 hours onto the next month should you receive your invoice prior to the work being completed.  All updates will commense within 72 hours of us receiving your request and information.

You may stop this maintenance agreement anytime you would like but we required the 30 days notice from you.

Monthly Employee Discount

This plan is for businesses that are constantly evolving and updating their website. We call this the employee discount plan as we become an extension to your staffing needs.

This package offers a rate at only $30/hour with a minimum of 10 hours a month. Updates will be started within 48 hours of us receiving the required information. If we find that we are no longer needing this amount of time to perform the updates to your website, we can change your package to the regular monthly plan on your next invoice.

Exactly as the regular plan, you may stop this maintenance agreement anytime with the required 30 days notice .